I’m into a lot of stuff. I keep it interesting. Here’s a list of the things I do. If you like my vibe and want to work with me, please reach out using the form on the contact page.

Website Design

Websites for businesses, organizations, and individuals. From informational sites to full online stores. I mainly build on WordPress for easy long-term management of the website. 

Search Engine Optimization

Helping organic traffic find the way to your website. After a discussion of your goals, both short-term and long, I put together a plan of action to push your website higher in the search results.

Flyer Design

Promotional graphic design for shows, events, and product launches. Working with bands, businesses, and organizations to coney the details in an artful and eye-catching way.

Merch Design

Everyone likes a cool shirt design. Creating merch designs for shows and tours, as well as business, events, and fundraisers. 


Utilizing both digital and film to capture portraits, street architecture, and conceptual art for design projects, content creation, and band/artist promotion.

Album Art

Working with both graphic design and photography to lay out front and back cover art, along with full liner notes and promotional materials for the record release marketing.

Music Production

Full band tracking to overdubs and backing tracks. The approach is getting great tones with analog gear before it hits the computer. I work with independent artists, record labels, and licensing companies for television and film.

Custom Music

Music creation for film, television, and podcasts to fit the mood and sequence time of the project. I’ve worked with ABC, HBO, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, and many independent filmmakers.

Audio Editing

Making the final audio seamless and smooth. From comping drum takes to arranging podcast segments with transitional music and sponsorship spots, the end goal is to create a track that is enjoyable listening.

Live Musician

Drums, guitar, and sometimes bass. Rock and pop oriented music is the vibe. My personal tastes center around punk and heavier music, I’ve professionally played for all types of artists, covering the parts that needed to be covered while matching the energy of the show or recording.

Backline Tech

You worry about playing the show, I’ll make sure the gear is set up and working. With both professional experience and a personal interest, making sure the drums are tuned and the amps are warmed up is a key part in keeping the show running smoothly.

Merch Sales & Festivals

Selling merchandise and answering customer questions for shows, tours, and festivals. My experience comes from my own bands, other bands/artists, and companies selling guitar straps to hair shears.