Rock & Roll, Drum Tech, Web Stuff

I have a varied skillset with a DIY mindset. From time as head of development in a boutique marketing agency to playing/teching shows to writing music for television and film, my goal is to focus on doing quality work that elevates the entire production or project, while also filling in any gaps that could help out a teammate and make everything run more smoothly. 


Websites are art projects with purposeful function. I’ve been building websites and designing fun since 2009. Most of that time has been spent between boutique marketing agencies and select freelance projects, developing websites, setting up eCommerce, and running SEO campaigns. I enjoy pushing pixels for cool people who value a web presence beyond the socials.


I started playing drums in middle school when I got my first drum kit. It was a steady diet of Evil Empire from Rage and Deftones’ Adrenaline. I’ve been playing professionally for over 20 years in various situations across genres from punk and hard rock to jazz to 70s classic country and southern rock. With studio, tour, and television performance experience, I feel good jumping into a lot of opportunities.


From crisp and tight palm mutes to walls of sonic fuzzy goodness, big distorted guitars are my thing. Also being a drummer makes me a very rhythmic player. This comes in handy to bridge the gap between focussed parts with the drums and bass, while also move into more open chords and movements to let the song breath when it needs.


I’m a weirdo gear head who has a knack for helping get consistently good tones while keeping the office tidy. Being a musician myself gives me insight into the needs and potential scenarios while playing, as well as what really goes into making it all happen. From drums to guitar and bass, a flawless show with quick changeovers is what I’m going for.