Kick & Snare Rule the World.

I started playing drums in middle school when I got my first drum kit. It was a steady diet of Evil Empire from Rage and Deftones’ Adrenaline. The blend of heavy and groove oriented rhythms had me hooked. Since then I’ve gotten the chance to play in a ton of punk, rock, and pop oriented projects in various capacities. With both studio and live experience with many other musicians, it’s not hard for me to find the vibe of the people I’m playing with.

I favor big kits that sound thunderous, but sometimes need the punch of a small kit to find the pocket. Either way, I hit with consistency and follow through. SJC has been so kind to let me associate with them for over 15 years now. My favorite drummers are Atom Willard, Abe Cunningham, Joey Castillo and Christopher Villeneuve.

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