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The Show Keeps Moving.

Coming up with a dad who owned an electronics repair shop, it seems appropriate that I’ve always tinkered and taken apart equipment of all sorts before I even knew how to play it properly. I like gear. It makes sense to me. Tuning drums and plugging up guitar amps is a place of zen. I want those I work with to feel comfortable with my work, and to ask for a hand when they need it.

My sweet spot is getting a drum kit set up and sounding great. Between playing and being in a support role, the tricks I’ve learned are based around efficiency that doesn’t sacrifice tone. Changeovers and line checks don’t have to be cumbersome. But you can just let me worry about that part.

I’m always up to help out with some on-stage shenanigans too. I’ll pour drinks, slingshot t-shirts into the crowd, dress up like a chicken, etc. Let’s have some fun.