Web Design

Hi, I’m Kyle. I’ve been building websites and helping market small businesses since 2007. After mainly doing freelance and agency work, I’d like to be able to see my work continue beyond the website going live. I am currently looking for a businesses owner who has 1-3, or more, ventures going and would benefit from my creative skillset to help enhance and build the online side of things.

Visualize and execute the marketing strategy.

Balancing creativity and a logical plan of action is how I accomplish my project goals. When developing a website, I’m going to look ahead to avoid any potential roadblocks while also finding pathways for future online expansion. Even basic websites have many moving parts. My approach is to make sure those moving parts play nice with each other to elevate the business as a whole.

Various skillsets work well with creative focus.

Between working for various web design agencies and running my own businesses over the years, I’ve developed a useful set of skills to bring creativity into a small business.

Web Development

I’ve been building websites professionally since 2009. Most of that time was spent between two different marketing agencies, designing websites for businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with the local locksmith in town to an Atlanta-based international soft drink company…yes, that one. Good design is much more than aesthetics. It moves the viewer to take action on your site. I know how to develop, optimize, and maintain websites to grow online & in-person business.


A chunk of my experience is with eCommerce websites. Making sales means cash flow. eCommerce design is knowing how to set up a website to present your products and services in a way that entices the customer to make the purchase, and then backing it up with secure payment gateways and easy order management. On top of running my own eCommerce sites over the years, I’ve built many successful online stores.

Music Production

After years of playing and performing music, I found myself with a small studio making records for myself and other artists. What started as fun aspirations in a spare bedroom have turned into a skill that has found my music on commercials and television shows. Some of my work was recently in ABC’s The Rookie. 


A website can be designed to look amazing and function perfectly. That’s awesome. But we need some paying customers to start clinking through the site. Search Engine Optimization is the way to do that. I’ve had years of experience getting websites ranked in Google with my SEO strategies. Helping a business rank higher than their big name competitor is straight fun. Seeing that client be able to sell the company for a nice profit is even better. That’s the power of SEO managed by the right person.


Most of my graphic design work is for event promotions, merchandise, and album covers. Seeing my work as a printed show flyer or t-shirt design that’s headed across the country to be sold at a festival is gratifying. I tend to approach design as a personal creative outlet that I flex as a small business marketing weapon.

Email Marketing

This is important. You own your email list. You don’t own your Facebook page likes. Email marketing is often overlooked, or worse, done as a secondary thought. I like to approach email marketing as a regular, supplemental marketing tool. It can help tie all the pieces together, while also helping funnel your customers. I’ve worked with service industries, online stores, and other organizations to design effective emails and drive sales.


Images that accurately represent the product or business are valuable. Along with capturing quality images, my experience in design gives me the eye to frame the shot in a way that is focussed for the end use. Most often, portrait and product photography is needed with most web marketing projects. When something different is the goal, my personal interests include street photography and shooting with film.

Putting In The Work

Ideally, I’m looking for a business owner who sees the value in having a dedicated marketing expert to manage and grow their business with web standards, analytics, and a creative eye. My focus is to work with someone who has one or several businesses or brands to learn inside and out so I can effectively apply marketing strategies and efforts. Let’s talk about your business, your goals, and how I can help you get there.

While a lot of what I do is with a MacBook, I utilize various studios and facilities to accomplish different aspects of marketing with the best quality for the purpose of converting a lead to a paying customer.


Available upon request.

Let’s take over the world. Or at least your target market.

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization


Graphic Design

Email Marketing

Music Production


Marketing is exciting and fun. Even if the website is only selling paperclips, there’s no reason for it to be boring.

Kyle Troop

Creative Marketing

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