Web Design

I’m from Cartersville. I buy my coffee at Noble & Main. Went to Woodland High. This isn’t a marketing page from some web design company based elsewhere. 

Living in Cartersville, GA for most of my life is a great way to know the community. Seeing the town continue to grow means more outside competition for our local businesses. Making sure your website is up to date and easy for potential customers to find what they need is very important. But that doesn’t mean having a website designed and developed for your business needs to be stressful or complicated. I’d like to the local businesses and organizations of Cartersville to thrive while not taking away valuable time to figure out how to set up their website.

Let’s talk.

Design & Development

I’ve been building websites and designing fun since 2009. Most of that time has been spent between marketing agencies and freelance, designing websites for businesses, non-profits, bands and entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with the local locksmith in town to an Atlanta-based international soft drink company…yes, that one. 

Good design is much more than aesthetics. It moves the viewer to take action.

If you like my work and think I would be a good fit for your project, please contact me to discuss project scope and specifics.